Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Insulin Pumps are Great When you Remember to Reattach

I know when all the students come back to school. The campus is abuzz with noise and chatter. I know yesterday was the last day before classes start and there were so many people around campus. Duchess and I were people watching in the what we call the mall area of campus it is a highly active area of campus right near where I work.

 I know Duchess loves people watching and will sit their quietly and take in all the activity around her. She is a very curious dog and she loves being out and about on campus. I know she enjoys the crowds and all the activity around campus most of the time. There is times when they have loud music which she is not a fan of. I know with all the stress at work it is nice at time to just sit and take a breathe will watching people go by. I know Duchess needs a break from all the stress and tension in the office so I try do some playing, walking and just relaxing. I am trying to keep her in a very focused place during these stressful days.

It has been a rough start to the morning I have once again left my insulin pump at home on my bed. I guess I was in such a hurry I did not realize I was not attached. So I am on shots for the day. I know during busy times like these with high stress I really need the temp basal but today I will have to do my best without. Well thankfully my blood sugars have been pretty steady so far and I just am hoping for a smooth day blood sugar wise. Recently because of the stress things have been a little wonky but not too bad. I really need to be more careful because leaving my insulin pump at home is not at all helpful.

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