Monday, August 5, 2013

Things are Starting to Sneak Up On Me

                  I know before I went to the Friends for Life Conference in July I was feeling quite overwhelmed by things and did not really realize until recently in some ways my depression was sneaking back into my life again. I know I can have trouble realizing that it is affecting me but others seem to notice quite easily that I am a little down. The funny things is that there was so much going on I am really shocked I did not know that I was feeling that way. I know once I was at Friends for Life I felt great but I have a feeling that my work was catching up with me working long days and knowing that your are coming back to around 900 email from one week of vacation can be overwhelming for any person. I know I feel know like I am sliding back into that area again so I am making some changes but I also realize that my job is only getting increasingly more demanding of me the longer I am here and I honestly I am not sure how much more I really want to do.

I feel like with my Hypoglycemia Unawareness I really need to a nice work life balance to stay positive and be able to handle what is necessary. I honestly have a feeling that last years seizures were from too much work demand and my bodies inability to handle this in some ways. I also know that I need to have more balance for Duchess as well. I know that in September is when I will get to where I work 7 days a week and for several weeks. I find that this does affect my blood sugars in a negative way either highs or lows. I know we all have busy times at work but I find the longer I am in this department the more my coworkers want me to cover but I can only hold on so long doing this.

 I know my friend told me recently that my departments system is broken and me allowing to work under the broken system will only allow them to think it is working. I guess until it breaks they won't realize that we all need more help and making us work more and more overtime is really not the answer. I am not sure what I will do except see what my options are at this point. I need to think of my health and safety but also Duchess as well. I know I am not feeling great about life right now and I will be addressing that but when I am not allowed to take anytime off it can make that really difficult especially when you need the time. So I am working on my resume and looking to see what options I have.

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