Friday, August 30, 2013

Way Too Much Excitment This Morning

    Well I had a horrible low I just came out of around 7am. I remember know in my head I needed sugar but I did not have the energy to move to reach the items. I knew I could not chew so I would need juice but would not be able to hold the box. In my mind I knew that I would need help. Duchess did her job and got me help. The worst part for me is that I so wanted to communicate what I needed but I was able to talk my glucose was too low. I really wanted them to give me a glucagon shot because I would have been up and running much quicker. Thankfully after around 5 juice boxes and skittles I was able to start to speak. I finally had reached over a hundred but of course the low was over but did end up in the 260 range shortly after.

The most frustrating part for me was how aware of what needed to be done but not being able to do it myself. My brain was in tune enough for me to know I needed to do something but not being able to communicate was so incredibly frustrating. The good part in this is that it was not a seizure which is good. I do not enjoy bad lows that require assistance. I know my roommates got to seem spit juice out as I was attempting to drink and how I struggled to be able to put things into my mouth. I know I was very low and I remember telling them I was sorry they were having to help me. I always feel so incredibly guilty after these lows. I know I am thankful for my roommate who helped me thru this bad event.

I am hoping to keep these bad lows at bay but sadly they happen. I know hearing I am working all the way into next week straight through and that will not help much with keeping bad lows away. I know working that many days in a row tends to cause issues but I am keeping my fingers crossed.


  1. Ugh, I'm so sorry a bad low hit again. I'm so thankful you are okay and that you have Duchess and room-mates to help you!!

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  3. Thanks Karen. I am trying to avoid these lows but sometimes you can't prevent them all. I feel very fortunate to have people who can help during these times.