Monday, September 9, 2013

Follow Up on Previous Blog Post

        I wrote a blog on the 27th of August about My Thoughts on Complications and The Doc. I know it was recently shared with others because I think what I was talking about was a little shocking to many. I know most of the time the DOC is just incredible but there is always work that needs to be done to make us stronger group. I know it can be hard to believe that people would attack someone for blogging about complications but I also know that complications are scary to even think about it. I know I still have trouble at time accepting that yes I do have complications. I know for parents of children with Diabetes this is really incredibly difficult to read what I am saying because no parent wants their children to get complications. I know my parents never wanted this for me. I think we all need to know about complications even if they are scary. I think the more discussions we have about complications the less scary it will be and the more supported many will feel.

 I write about complications for several reasons. The number one reason is because I found there was little written about complications by bloggers that I could find when I was diagnosed with either of my complications. The second reason I write about complications is because I want others to know that I understand what they are going through. The third reason is because I have found that I don't carry as much of the weight of the world on my shoulders if I have an outlet to talk or blog about my complications. I know some of the loneliest times as a Diabetic has been my journey through complications and I know the reason it was so scary is because I could not find what I needed online.

I have seen on a great deal of forums and Diabetic websites where people with complications are treated unfairly and end up leaving because they are not welcomed. I know it can be hard to believe but I have experienced this over the past 5 years and I am tired of fighting this battle alone. I in fact stop going to Diabetic websites and forums for a while because I was constantly barraged by negative comments. I know I don't have thick skin and I can be sensitive at times but the bigger pictures needs to be that we need to support each other regardless of where we are at in regard to our Diabetes. I am hoping we can continue to grow and support each other a little more and not try to push out people who need support.

I can't thank my great friend Scott and many others who shared your support this past weekend. I honestly cried because it was so nice to have so many people share their stories and lend support. I did see several comments from others with complications who stated they had felt the same way I did. Thanks again for all the support it was so appreciated.  My Thoughts on Complications and The DOC.

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