Friday, September 27, 2013

Learning Curve

I have realized after my late night at the office really has affected Duchess. Yesterday I had to pull her off my bed when it cam time to leave for work. I know she just wanted to stay home and sleep. I really don't blame her at all I wanted to stay home too. I know she is not meant to stay that late at the office and working overtime for months is really not a conducive mix for a service dog team. I know I have seem quite a few scary lows that I know were in part because of the months and months of overtime. I know I need a break form all this for Duchess to rest and be able to be the happy go lucky dog I love so much. Yesterday she extremely moody and grumpy. If it was the "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" she would of been grumpy.  Normally Duchess is quite a happy girl. I was sad to see her so unhappy yesterday.

Thankfully she is a more of her peppy self today. My ultimate goal is to be able to work but also be able to keep myself and Duchess healthy. With this being my first service dog there is defiantly a learning curve. I knew that evening that I would work later but I had not idea it would be that late. If I had know I would of told them I could not work that late because Duchess needed to have some rest. I also paid the price yesterday as well. My blood sugars were increasing low and last night was every twenty minutes even with decreasing the basals before I went to bed. I am really also learning about my own person limits as well which will benefit me in the future so I know when I have to say not that is really too much.

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