Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Crazy Sensor

I started my most recent Dexcom Sensor and it has driven me crazy. At various points it has been up to 133 points off of my actual blood sugar and I am not in day 3 of the sensor. Last night I tested it said I was 181 but I was 314 which I don't usually hit very often. So I treat the high and go back to sleep. Then 30 minutes later it says I was 55 for the next couple of hours. I was not really low until around 6am which I deal with. The Dexcom is doing the crazy sensor thing again so it looks like I will need to try another area. I have been using my arms but moving around pretty consistently so I am not sure why I am getting the crazy responses on this one but it could just be a bad sensor. I normally would never pull a sensor but with it keeping me up with inaccurate blood sugars I find it to defeat the whole purpose. I know the last couple of sensors have been really accurate so I was really thrown off by how bad this sensor is on accuracy. It has also on numerous occassions has several arrows up but my blood sugar was not moving at all. I am planning to pull the sensor and hopefully Tech support can replace it. The interesting thing it also never showed on the graph I was even close to 314 which is not really that helpful.

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