Friday, September 13, 2013

Not Sure How to Fix It.

I know recently I have really been struggling with feelings of being completely overwhelmed by life in general but in particular my Diabetes. This year has been incredibly difficult with big changes from day to day with my blood sugars and lows. I am always working so hard to keep up with all the changes and make the right changes. I also have had Dexcom site issues, work issues related to having Duchess, difficulties related to testing at work and retaliation for the solutions to the issue of testing at work. I know there also has been so many incredible things as well such as Friends for life and Type 1 Now Conference. I meet so many great bloggers and many of who our new friends of mine after long nights of hanging out at the conference.

 I am trying but failing miserably on keeping my moods in check and I know I have always dealt with some depression but I know all the work and no fun is playing a part as well. I know I am testing as much as normal but I am not spending as much time doing the things I love in part because I have to clean, pick up and work overtime. I have done a poor job of finding a balance but I have also sadly worked even more hours than I did last year. I need a break but I am not really able to take one at this point. I feel like I have been fighting difficult battles all year long from issues at work and related to my Diabetes. I know a Diabetic vacation would be a dream at this point.

Since no Diabetic is able to take a vacation I will have to try and find a balance and make some time for myself in the mix of also managing my responsibilities. I know last year I was just trying to avoid seizures and really was not worried about how I was spending my time as much as this year. My needs have really changes since last year at this time and I think my mood and overall well being are a reflection of that. I have faced a great deal of obstacles and have found that for the most part I have handled them quite well. I am just really starting to feel blue and really burnt out.


  1. I know the feeling ... Kind of ... I dont have T1, i just live with it ... But I often feel blue and overwhelmed ... When that happens I try to focus on the positives and take a moment to just sit peacefully and live in the very moment ... Shut the worry voices off in my head and just sit, look out the window and breath ... It only helps for a short while but it helps ...

    And know I am out here rooting for you ... And duchess!

  2. Thank you Dolores. It just has been a bumpy ride for a while and it can get the best of you at times. Thankfully things will get better soon.