Thursday, September 5, 2013

Amazing Abilities

            I really have to give Duchess a great deal of credit dealing with massive amounts of overtime and way too much time at work. I worked 70 hours of overtime last month which is really less than ideal for anyone but thankfully having plenty of treats, increased playtime when we are at home. She seems to be completely unfazed by it all. I know my work schedule has driven me mad but she seems to be completely fine with it all. I have increased her treats but increased length of her walks to make sure that she is getting what she needs. I know the office right now feels like a train wreck this time of year. Everyone is crabby and very excitable because of all the deadlines and audits.

Thankfully Duchess seems to be a very calming presence which does not only help me but all of my coworkers as well. I know some coworkers have high blood pressure but she always seems to know when they do as well. I am not sure how she knows but I am sure there is a behavior pattern she has picked up on or is something she is able to pick up. She continues to be the happy go lucky service dog I know. Last year she handled it all pretty well but this year she has continually amazed me with her ability to handle so many scary and intense things. She makes it look easy when I know I expect a great deal from her. I can tell you times like these I don't know what I would do without her being her by my side.

Once all the overtime is done with I do plan on taking a day just for Duchess I will take her to the lake for swimming, dog bakery, and play ball with her. She loves to play ball and swim so I know she will love her day dedicated just to her. I will take the whole day off from work and we will sleep in because honestly Duchess does not love getting up early. I am not the biggest fan of it but it is nice to finish with work earlier. I know having a day off from work will be a much needed break for both of us.

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