Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time to Move On

I know I have been struggling over the past couple of months with all the overtime I have needed to work and the need for some time off. I know yesterday I got pulled in on an emergency project which was fine but I ended up staying at work till 10pm and that is really less than ideal in the grand scheme of things. Duchess was cranky last night and so was everyone that is here. Luckily I was able to leave and head home but sadly I was only able to take care of one or two things and needed to go to bed. Days like this make me so extremely frustrated especially because when I work long days like that I have more issues with my blood sugars which equals more work for Duchess. I have been pretty miserable recently and I know it has a great deal to do with my work and the hours. In the grand scheme of things occasional overtime is fine but when it goes for over 6 months of year I feel like my quality of life is going down. I feel like I struggle with the ability to keep up at times with managing my diabetes and a high stress job. I think I have come to the conclusion there is defiantly a better job out there for me in which they understand that keeping me at work till 10pm with a service dog is really  not a good thing.

Once we are done closing the books for the year I will begin looking for better opportunities in the University. I am not sure what type of job I will end up doing but I know I am hoping that the department will be better at handling me having Duchess with me. There was more complaints about Duchess recently and I am honestly tired of it all but I also know that is my employers way of trying to get me to quit. I know people think a disabled individual equals more issues but it is only when  proper accommodations are not provided. I am honestly upset  at the all the complaints about Duchess from her smelling, her dog toys, fleas and other things. I spend a great deal of time of energy on keeping her groomed and on proper flea and heart worm medication but I still will get complaints either way. I have determined that because they don't like their jobs they will find something to complain about and that is Duchess.

Through and through I think my employer has failed to provide a good work environment for Duchess and I. I know having a supportive department can help make the work environment a much safer place for all. I am honestly still in disbelief at all the crap I have had to deal with. Last night was the last straw. In January I will be vested so I can leave with my full retirement which is good. So I will be looking for something within my current employer or hang out till I vest at 5 years. I have to say working here has not really brought me good things and I doubt they will be able to provide me a good work life balance that I need. Being honest with myself I knew I would need to make a decision soon. I am officially working on my resume and up dating my cover letter. I will be ready for a much better work place hopefully where I will be accepted as a person who contributes my fair share and is very reliable. I have proved this over and over again. I also want to be appreciated for all the work I do.

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