Monday, September 30, 2013

Long Grocery Store Line

I seem to meet a great deal of people in line at the Grocery store on the weekends. I was standing in a pretty long line this weekend and the two people behind me were discussing how wonderfully behaved Duchess was and what a wonderful helper she must be. I could not agree more. Then the lady directly in front of me turns and says to me what a great service dog you have there. I thank her for compliment. She then says my husband is a Diabetic and I would really love for him to have a service dog to help with some bad lows. She proceeds to tell me that he tried to take the mirror in their bathroom off the wall because he thought it was the medicine cabinet. She luckily woke up before he ripped off the mirror and hurt himself. She told me he is having increased lows at night.I know I have done some crazy things when I was low but thankfully I have never tried to take off the mirror in my bathroom. I have meet so many other diabetics who all do such crazy things when low.

I turn to her and tell her that Duchess is a Diabetic alert dog who alerts to low and high blood sugars. I know she seemed so very surprised that there was one in Austin. Currently their is several but most are with children. I know she seemed so surprised when I told here. She thought because of the medical alert dog patch she was for seizures alert dog which I think most people assume is her job. I do not have a patch that says Diabetic alert dog for several reasons. I have had public access issues more often because people feel that my condition in no way would need me to have a service dog. Second reason I find people will pushy at times when I do not have the time to discuss about Duchess. I think most people know a Diabetic so it can be very time consuming to talk to everyone who has a question. I do try my best to answer questions when I have time or feel like it will be a civil conversation. I have meet around 4 Diabetics Spouses in the past year and that number seems so small when I know there is quite a few type 1's in Austin. Always nice to meet people who understand how difficult Diabetes can be at times.

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