Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roller Coaster Rides of Highs and Lows

           I know recently I have really been struggling with soaring highs and lows. I know the soaring highs I have been dealing with for around two months now and the newest is the lows. The soaring highs sadly I am still trying to figure out the cause of . I do know that I have increased upwards of almost 8 units in my basal rates and earlier bolus times to just eat. I am still completely stumped at the rapid rising blood sugars unless it is maybe stress related which I know goes to explain the rapid drops I get from time to time. I know I am still a little spooked at my latest low blood sugar incident on Friday. I am still getting my big gashes on my ankles and the bruises on my face to heal up.

I have been looking at my Dexcom graphs, numbers and trying to pull all my information together to figure out why I continue to have fast moving highs. I am having quite a few inclusions with my insulin pump after it was changed out but thankfully I almost done with this box of infusion sets so hopefully this issue might go away once I get another lot of infusion sets. I could call my Animas Representative but with me working so much overtime this time of year it is very unlikely I will have time to handle this issue right now. I know I have this great need to figure out why this is happening and I will drive my self crazy trying to figure it out most of the time. I am normally really good at figuring out difficult issues on my own at times but sometimes they are too difficult for me to figure out. I have some issues that I will never get fixed or know the answer to but there is so many factors that affect one's blood sugars it can be difficult to pin point the actual cause of the the issues.

I am still working on the solutions to the issues but I have a feeling they will go away once the craziness at work settles down. I know Duchess does not enjoy the fast moving highs or lows in fact they really put her on edge because she has seen the impact of fast moving lows. The highs I can usually get down within in two hours most of the time but I am never of a fan of highs either. Hopefully I can get my stress down so I can fix these issues.

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