Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was sitting on the bus as usual keeping my self busy as I was riding. A younger male gets on the bus and decides to sit near Duchess and I. There is a wall right next to me separating us. I had never seen him before and really though nothing of it. The next thing I notice is that he staring intently at Duchess and I. Then he is starting to stare at Duchess closely and trying to get her attention. I understand how exciting it can be to be to see a service animal on the bus, for some individuals. So he proceeds to move as close to wall separating and I see his hand moving towards Duchess. I of course say Please Do Not Pet very firmly. Thankfully he listens to my request. I know when people stare like I am a freak show exhibit it can really start to bother me. I am a normal person who has to have a dog help them with certain tasks. I reallly am not that different just have obstacles that are a little more apparent because I have Duchess.

The same guy is on the bus again today and of course has to sit near Duchess and I. He of course is sitting their starring at me the whole time until he gets off the bus. I am not sure why he needs to stare in the first place and second he is making it so clear he is staring and does not seem in the least bit shy about doing so. I am not sure why you would want to stare at Duchess and I the whole time you are on the bus. I tried my best to ignore it but honestly nothing drives me more crazy than to be starred at constantly like something is wrong with me. I guess I will never get used to some of the reactions but honestly in your face staring will always drive me crazy.

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