Friday, January 9, 2015

Straight Across Red

I knew going back to my normal routine would have challenges and it has so far. I am adjusting my night time basal rates to adjust for my regular exercise. So far all this week all night it has been red straight across my graph every night. I have also been putting my Dexcom under my pillow to sleep which is not good either. I know I need to figure out some new plan to get this resolved quickly because I really am one who needs my sleep. I don't get as much done when I am tired and then try to work out either. So at this point I am back to more adjustments for night time but I am making more dramatic changes to make the process faster.

I know during Christmas I was sailing across the nights around 130 or in the 90's most nights which is so nice. I was really able to sleep well and really enjoy my vacation time. I did have a couple nights of lows but for the most part I had found a really great basal rate. I know I was on a great routine before I left and I tried that basal rate again but no luck. Some times I can stay on the same rate for a while but other times I just need a new basal rate. I know the recent cold fronts are contributing to my changes as well. I know that I will find a good rate but I have no patience right now so I am not caring if I end up higher one night instead of being a straight line across all night long except for like 10 minutes. I also have found that my night time rates when I have test are normally higher than my Dexcom has been showing so I could be only slightly off and not really what the graph is showing.

I love having my Dexcom but I really wish I got the same results as others do when the Dexcom is showing their actual blood sugars. Most of the time the Dexcom is hyper sensitive when I not moving up fast the DexCom has up arrows and I test 130 and ten minutes later 131 with two up arrows. Even with the software upgrade I still get the wonky numbers I always have. I know my body does not seem to show the same results which I have to accept. I just wish I could trust the numbers to be a little close to what is showing. 

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