Monday, January 5, 2015

Frustrated With Physician Responses To Lows

With my recent low just before Christmas I know I have been kind of irritated by a few things that happened. The number one thing is that the Dr. assumed I was not controlled but that is not the case I take a great deal of the time looking at graphs making adjustments and taking care of myself. I know the Dr. of the emergency department was like you need to come to the hospital to be evaluated which means hours of waiting with only to be told to go see my Endocrinologist who I called that following Monday morning. I know this Dr. made me furious because the recommendation has nothing to do with my safety as much as the hospital making money. I have refused transport almost everytime and I seem to do fine. I do what I need to do but when you are the hospital you are the mercy of a nurse with too many patients. I know the couple of times I have been transported they do nothing when I am at the hospital they don't make many changes and they always say to see my Endocrinologist. They actually know me as a patient and who understands that I know my condition better than a physician who know nothing about me and will make assumptions about my health condition.

I know Dr. has a normal protocol but for me I never really fit the typical protocol and they normally do nothing for me after a low except test my blood sugar around every four hours and then wake you up in the middle of the night. So I find this to be pointless about a minor low that I recovered from quickly. I know the firefighters were mentioning they have never seen a person with a blood sugar of 12 or 15 talking with them. My dad had gotten me to drink juice so it was starting to rebound slightly so they feed me juice with a whole bunch of sugar added which is really gross but worked. I know my Diabetes has never been a typical and so I am used to it but I am also tired of Dr.'s who think all patients fit into what is described in medical books.

I know that I will continue to do what works for me regardless of what one Dr. thinks because at the end of the day no one knows my condition better than me. I know I have had to make very difficult decisions the past couple of years and I will continue to do what works for me. I know as a patient with complications they see me as a way to make money or as a person who needs more education etc. I find it insulting because I know a great deal because I make it a point to be extremely educated about my condition. I know this year I plan to continue to work on keeping exercising and doing what works I am always hoping for less lows. I am working on that continuously but I know with Hypoglycemia Unawareness that I am more prone to lows.

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