Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Just Floored By Experiences

I know when I was on my Vacation in Seattle/University Place area for Christmas I noticed some big issues. I know when I was close to my Dad's house on more than 8 occasions when we were at the store a person who brought their dog in the store was barking at Duchess. I know I try to keep my calm but when a person knowingly takes their pet in the store who is untrained and then acts like I am the person who has issues makes me furious. I know it seems so tempting but it caused me great issues. A person little dog was trying to bit Duchess leg so I kicked the dog away because at the end of the day the safety of Duchess is the most important thing to me. Considering I had no real time to react the dog jumped from a cart and started running towards us so the only thing I had time to do is get the dog away as quickly as possible while the woman stood their just watching. I know I did not harm the dog but I am not willing to risk the safety of Duchess because people feel entitled to bring their pets to the store. I did have a very firm talk with the woman stating next she brings her dog to the store their would be consequence when I called the cops.

I am tired of people having a need to have their dogs with them when it can cause harm to a real service dog team who needs their dog to actually assist them with a disability. I am not sure why we have this need or why it seems so magical but I have to say I find it overwhelming and tough having Duchess with me all the time. Keep in mind I love Duchess beyond belief but their is so many dangers, obstacles and other issues that makes the process very difficult even with having over 4 years of experience. I know I found the issue to be a growing issues when I was visiting two years ago there was quite a few dogs but I am astonished that the stores seemed to not care because they are worried about being sued by a service dog team. I find this to be frustrating because most of the time the dogs I run into in the stores by far are the worst behaving animals. I have seen children bit and others bit by these dogs. I am not sure why we need to have our dogs with us when it is overwhelming to the dog because they have not been exposed to this type of environment.

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