Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sticking with Routine

I went to the Dentist today for a cleaning. I know I will only have 3 cleanings this year verses the 4 I had last year. My teeth are looking great. My bones seems to have gotten better and my gums are completely normal. I am not sure why I started to lose bone in my teeth but now everything is looking great. I know I was worried that it was not healing up but it just took time. I am not the most patient person when it comes to issues at times. Thankfully I am getting better each time I see the Dentist and I will continue to see him two more times this year. I do not enjoy going to the dentist but I know that lapse of cleanings is why I have had to go back for this issue.

I know I learned my lesson I really need to keep up with my dental check ups just like all my other Diabetes related appointments. I know I have a bad habit if its not Diabetes related it can just wait but at times things should not wait. I know I am lucky I have a great dentist who has helped me get things back to the optimal place they need to be. I know I need to pay attention more to all areas of my health not just one part they all seem to come back and get you if you not paying attention.

So now I am just going through my normal routines of getting my teeth healthy by just keeping up my routine. I find that I am not doing anything complicated just flossing, mouthwash and brushing my teeth. Thankfully next year I will be down to two cleanings a year and back to old routine of two cleanings a year.

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