Friday, January 16, 2015

Looking at Foods

I have been looking at my food choices to help me reduce lows. I for example know that oatmeal when I eat it on the weekends tends to keep me level for quite a while while for example when I eat cereal spikes me up quickly then drops quickly. I know during the weekday mornings I am so busy rushing around getting oatmeal cooked would require me to get up earlier. I am one that I know I need sleep so I tend to try to get as much as possible. So I do granola bars with oatmeal they don't have the staying power that oatmeal does but there is not normally a large rise and fall. So I know I am trying to get healthier options but also convenient enough so I have time to eat it when I get to work or before I leave.  I know for example my choice of cereal was not a good choice for the day I had to go shopping after church. I normally was eating oatmeal but that day my dad was pushing us out the door so I could only grab something quick and I did not have my granola bars like I had at home.

I also know that I look for certain types of meals before I go to the gym. For example I do better when I have pasta and rice dishes verses just a sandwich. I know I looked at this previously but now I am trying to make a better effort to make sure I am following what I know. I know I am always looking at my information and I know I have been using it more and more but this year I am going to try and look more at the food choices that help me to keep lows away or least reduce them. So I am trying to continue to expand on what I know that works and also try new foods that might help as well. I know with using as much information as possible can only help. I know last year I felt stuck in and out of Diabetes burn out so I am feeling much better now so I am hoping I won't burn myself out by trying to work on my Diabetes. I also know last year tackling exercise with high intensity was not easy and I am still working on attempting to exercise with very little lows.

So I am off to trying new things this year and I know I accomplished so much last year hoping to keep myself a little less burned out as well. I know how to handle burnout but this time it seem to linger around much longer than I like to see.

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