Friday, January 23, 2015

Sometimes Calling The Sales Representatives Help

I know everytime I have an issue with my pump or my CGM  I know it will mean several phone calls which normally end up with tech support blaming me for the issue. I know my recent issues with my CGM is not my fault and I have not done anything currently to cause the issues. Sadly when I change over to my new CGM the issues started. I know some of the issues have to do with the locations I have been using to an extent but things seem to be getting worse using an area I have not used in over half a year so I am now trying to get resolution to my issue in the most painless way possible. Normally with  the CGM I hear constantly from them that they think I am extending beyond 7 days on my sensor but I actually have been changing them out regularly so I was really upset that it became lets blame the customer and not look at how we can solve the problem. I have experienced this several times last year with my pump and CGM. I know when they are blaming me is because the issue is really complicated and they would prefer not to have to help me figure out the issue.

I know my nightmare with the skin issues from a while ago was several issues at once so I get how they would not want to solve the issues. I know I recently have gotten a phone call from Dexcom sale representative because he was assisting with the Animas Vibe order I had placed. So now I am off to call the sales represenative to help me get this resolved. In the past when I call the sales person who I bought the product from I tend to get the best results. So I am hoping that will happen now. I know dealing with insurance companies can be tough but so can the pump and CGM companies as well.

Thankfully I will be getting my new Animas Vibe with the Dexcom so hopefully that will help to eliminate some of the issues I have been having. I know I will have some things to learn each time you buy a pump there is differences and this time I am really looking forward to this.

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