Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mixed Signals

I know things have been changing the longer I have had Hypoglycemia Unawareness. I have noticed over the past couple of months a real drastic change in the what little symptoms I do get. Occasionally I will feel nauseous but that used to a sign of high blood sugar. I was working out last night and about 15 minutes into working out I started to feel extremely nauseous and Duchess was pacing back and forth and I kept checking my Dexcom which said I was 131. I was not sure but I knew Duchess was acting really off. Since I was not sure I continued to workout but I kept feeling even worse. So I get to 20 minutes in and I called Duchess over she carries all my testing, glucose etc when I am at the gym. So I test and know I know why Duchess was pacing I was 45. Normally when I am low I sweat more or really small non noticeable symptoms. I normally would have tested before but I guess because I felt high not low I did not test right away.

I am really confused as to my old reliable feeling of high is now showing up for a low. I have recently felt low but I was 145 which is not low and I did not drop low anytime after but did go down to 120 and stayed there for several hours. So I have know my main method for making sure I am correct is to just test. I have never been able to rely upon my CGM to be correct or my feelings of being low or high. So last night was a really good reminder that I must always test to be sure. I know during my low my Dexcom is really worthless when exercising because last night it took 28 minutes to register that I had even dropped dramatically and it never even resisted I went that low it got 52 then started to show I was going back up. I know sometimes when I am droping slow the Dexcom does register the drop but at times my Dexcom never even registers that I went low. I know times like these Duchess is priceless because my Devices have never been able to it at all.

So I now know for sure that my body is generally confused so anytime I get weird feeling I just need to test to make sure what I really am. I know my body does have issues but it seems like it is even more screwed up these days. I don't understand the recent changes especially since the fact that my Alc has not moved from it current spot in over two years so I am little puzzled. I do know I plan to talk with my PA at my next appointment. I also have my annual follow up with the Endocrinologist. I normally see my Physician Assistant at my appointments. I know we will probably discuss it but I have a feeling that it is typical to have these changes. I am thankful that I still on occasion can feel lows in 30's and 40's. I am also glad I finally checked what was happening.

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