Thursday, January 29, 2015

Conversations At the Gym

I went to the gym last night as I normally do and I was working out. I noticed when I walked in the gym there was a whole bunch of people who were given the tour of the gym and all the options available to them if they join. I noticed about three separate tours going on. I was on the elliptical at the time and a woman stops right next to my machine and just stares at Duchess. The employee leading the tour stops and the lady asks Is this dog here frequently. The employee responded that yes she is here frequently with me. He stated the company supports people with disabilities being able to workout at there facilities. I know the woman asked why I had a service dog and he stated her disability requires a service dog so they respect my need to have her. He also said the dog patches say medical alert dog. The woman seemed surprised by the employees answers.

The employee stated that they really enjoyed having Duchess in the gym and they felt that she caused not issues. They said they thought that anyone should be able to come and exercise and that they encourage people to stay active. I know I was surprised by the conversation and really appreciate spending my money at a gym that supports my right to exercise with Duchess there and also follows the law as well. I think we all need to exercise in one way or another and I really enjoy my time at the gym. I know I have had issues with a the man who was there with his wife. Thankfully I have had a no issues recently and even Duchess seems to enjoy our time at the gym. I bring special treats for alerts a the gym and I also give treats for following my commands. She also seems to enjoy it more than when we first started at the gym. I know it has been a learning experience for me.


  1. This is a wonderful post, and I think that gym employee deserves a gold star !!

    1. They really do. I always appreciate support from the gym employees and the company itself. I know not all gyms would be as supportive.