Monday, February 2, 2015

Crazy Experiences Leaves Me Thankful

I went to my appointment with my Endocrinologist on Friday morning. My A1c was great but there was some unexpected issues. My liver enzymes were off. I currently take Methotrexate for my Rheumatoid Arthritis and I know I am not allowed to drink more than two drinks while on this medication. I had on drink on Christmas day and one New Years Eve. I also had two drinks in January. So I could not figure out why my levels were off. I know the Dr. said if you are using advil that could cause issues with the liver enzymes while on this medication. I did take some Advil after my recent procedures but really small amounts. So now they are monitoring that to see if it goes up. It was only 5 over the normal level which is not much. I am hoping that resolves on its own. If not I will have to see about changing to a different RA medication possibly one that does not impede my ability to drink occassionally.

Then I was speaking with my Dr. about the Animas Vibe order she thought I should have received the pump by now. I was really getting frustrated when I saw a person who ordered after me by a week receive there pump when I ordered before. We both we upgrading using the upgrade for existing customers. I was really not happy at this point. My Dr. gave me the Animas Representative number. I called the representative who said he agreed with my Dr. I should have gotten my pump already. Animas had not even called to take verify my payment method. I was told by the customer service representative we had on the phone they would call me in the next three weeks to ship the pump. The my local rep said we needed to speak to there supervisor. So she said they would call me back. I missed the phone call so I tried calling back but they gave me a fax number which only pissed me off further. I am not sure if it was done on purpose or just an accident.

So I texted my representative back telling that they gave me the wrong number. He assured me he would take care of the issue. Then five minutes later a representative from Animas called me on the phone to verify payment so they could ship my pump. I know my representative had to go up pretty high to get me what I needed but I have to say even with this not so fun experience it is better than what I experienced with Medtronic several years back. So I just happy that if I have a problem the local representative is really my go to person if I do have issues. They also helped with previous skin issues and insulin issues that I experienced. In fact it was the sale representative who worked really hard to get my a solution. I am thankful that I have some one I can go to for these issues. I am happy I get my pump tomorrow. I am also thankful that Animas have exceptional sales reps who will go to bat for the patients.

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