Thursday, February 5, 2015

Stairs Can be Daunting

Re-posting  an older blog about Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I have been doing better with my Rheumatoid Arthritis flare-up for the most part. There is days that are really daunting verses other days where everything is working like it should be. I know during a flare-up making it up a large amount of stairs becomes incredibly difficult but also exhausting as well. I know when I was 19 during my initial diagnosis there was this long stretch of stairs and I have never been so frustrated with the fact that my body was not cooperating the way I wanted it to. I know recently my mouse at work gives me issues even though it is an ergonomic mouse which is better for my RA. Moving it at times has been so frustrating I have to get up from my desk for a couple minutes then come back and try again at times. Yesterday was a really long day and my joints by the end of the week are always less cooperative.

For me it is very frustrating for me when going up stairs become difficult to maneuver when you are younger and  no matter how hard you try it is not easy. I know I have been moving slower and resting more and seeing results but some days even simple things like opening a bag can be difficult at times. I know I feel like I am about 80 because they could be having similar issues making it up stair, opening packages and overall movement. RA is manageable but I know for many who do not experience it I am sure my writing seems blown out of proportion with how much issues I have doing very simple things. The joints being attached is very hard to explain how much it affects our everyday lives.

I know recently dealing with the frustrations of my body not wanting to cooperate with what I need it to do has been increasingly frustrating. Especially since my work is incredibly frustrating and the medications I am on now causes mood issues which I have been experiencing. So I really have to try and keep things as little stress as possible will help but not always easy. I am feeling like things overall are getting better and will continue to.

Today my Rheumatoid Arthritis has been so much better but now my blood work has been off. I am considering switching medications because my current drug does interfere with some aspects of my life currently. So I am looking at what options I do have. I also know I need to be on something because I want to avoid times like I described above. Thankfully I do have choices in how my Rheumatoid Arthritis is treated.

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