Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ignoring Reminders

It seems so strange today to not be able to really feel lows or highs. I know my body sends me such mixed messages these days the only way to be certain every time is too test. I know for example when I am working out and I start to really sweat I take that as a signal which most of the time is correct. I know I remember the fast hear beats, feeling hungry, getting sleepy, getting moody and shaking and what I would give today to be able to feel my lows again. I know as technology gets better our tools get better but honestly their is no better option than being able to feel your lows. All options have drawbacks and nothing is a one hundred percent. I know today I am doing much better than I was back in 2008 when I was diagnosed with Hypoglycemia Unawareness.

I know I even though the feelings of a low can be very overwhelming for any of us. I know for me I think it is even worse not feeling anything at all. I know at times I get caught up doing things that I put off testing or ignore Duchess when I know I shouldn't. I know when you don't feel it is so very easy to not react as fast or think oh I'm fine when you really are not. I know most of the time I do react very quickly but at times I do fall into it will be fine mindset. I also know the consequence of my lows are usually EMS visits and commotion. So I am always trying to work on keeping myself on track and reacting as quickly as I can. I know yesterday Duchess alerted when I was at the gym and I was two minutes from being done so I pushed on. Thankfully it was only 80 so I treated quickly. I also know that I can get to a very bad low extremely quickly and that has always been the case. So I know tonight if Duchess alerts I am going to stop right away and test. It is best for both my sake and Duchess.

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