Monday, February 16, 2015

My Thoughts on the Animas Vibe

I know I am still loving my Animas Vibe but there is still some things that I have found to bothersome. I know I love having my CGM on my pump and I love not having to carry my extra Dexcom receiver like I used to. I do really love how the bolus amount appears without having to enter it like I used to with the Animas Ping. I do really miss the Animas remote option. It was nice that everything was synched up and so I did not have to enter my blood sugar manually. The one aspect that drives me crazy is that after I enter my blood sugar and the ez carb option does its magic then I bolus as normal. The CGM sends me a message each time that I need to make sure that I had done a finger stick before bolusing for the food but the sad part is that I already am. So that is one aspect that drives me nuts because if it was synched the pump would not send me these annoying reminders.

I also do love that in some ways that I have more flexibility in my alerts from my Dexcom which I tend to feel I am more responsive. Currently the change in the sounds I have not had much issues with hearing or feeling the Vibe going off when low. I know I am loving the other features as well. I know a great deal of people were complaining about not back button I have found when I had it with Medtronic I rarely used it so for me it is not a big deal. I am not caring about the amount of buttons because for me all my devices I have to push buttons or scroll around so I found my pumps to have been no different. I do really wish that all pumps offered you the option to synch whatever meter you use to the pumps with blue tooth etc. that way I could keep up with all the new meters that come out instead of sticking with the original meter that comes with the pumps.

Overall I am pleased with my new Animas Vibe and I really would not change much except a bigger screen would be nice and the option to have a meter synched because I prefer things to be easier. I know I am very satisfied that I will be using the Vibe until June of 2016 when I can then purchase a new insulin pump at that point. I am really hoping for more options when I am able to upgrade then but I also might wait. I know I really wish that pump companies asked for what we as the consumers want and need in insulin pumps. I know it would really make things much easier for us all. 

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