Monday, February 9, 2015

Spare A Rose Save A Child

Some days I wake up frustrated that I live my life between two lines of sort. I know my Dexcom range is pretty tight high is listed as anything over 150 and low anything under 80. I really do love my Dexcom and what information it does provide me. I know the arrows telling me where my blood sugar is heading is priceless in my opinion.  I do struggle with the fact that I will get over 150 and I will fall below 80. Sadly today I have spent several hours low this morning and all last night. The good things is that at least with my Dexcom on my pump I tend to feel the vibration which does wake me up which is a bonus. Other times I hear my Dexcom when its below 55 and very loud.

I know some times honestly all the information can drive me crazy because I get stuck in the mindset that I am doing damage to my body every time I am above 150 even though my Alc is excellent. I know I can only do so much but with having complications I am always so intense about my blood sugars because I want to keep anymore complications at bay. I work so hard but such constant evaluation of numbers can drive me crazy. I work in accounting so I work with numbers all day and looking at my own can be very stressful because I expect way too much at times. I know my baggage from my complications does play a part in the way I feel today.

I know everyday I am blessed to have all the tools my pump, test strips, Duchess my Diabetic alert dog, Dexcom and dressings for sites. I know when I did not have insurance getting access to the supplies I currently have was difficult. I know with Valentines day coming up please consider donation to spare a rose save a child. I know I am blessed everyday to wake up and not worry about dying because I don't have what I need and I know I appreciate what I do have today even more so. I know even though I feel like I am living my life between two lines on my Dexcom I am beyond blessed to have the opportunity to even use this device. It really puts things in perspective.

Please consider donating

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