Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Animas Vibe I Finally Received It Yesterday

I finally got my Animas Vibe yesterday and I am thrilled to be using my new insulin pump. I do love having one device but I will still be using my existing Dexcom receiver for when I exercise at the gym. I am not going to put my pump up on the treadmill when I am running. I am used to placing my Dexcom on the treadmill and just hitting the button to see where I am at. I do this frequently especially since I use a Gatorade water mix when my blood sugar starts to drop. This has helped me avoid quite a few lows as I am exercising because I can check on my blood sugars. The allows me to use the same sensor for both units so It works out well for me. I know I had not issue so far. I did notice a difference in blood sugars on the two graphs. I know it is a new sensor so I expect some wonky numbers the first couple of days. Hoping the results will be closer then.

Since I have only been using the new pump since last night. I will give my full review of the pump after a week or so in detail. I do like it so far and I love having my Dexcom and pump in one. I do not mind taking my old receiver with me to gym because it makes things easier for me. Thankfully I already had the Dexcom so having both is not an issue at this point. I know everyone seemed to comment about if you suspend they were upset that is stops the Dexcom. I have used Suspend one time in the past 8 years so that won't affect me. I find that it constantly alerting me drive me crazy. I tend to just take the insulin out of my pump and disconnect. This works for me I always remember to reattach as necessary. I think we all have different needs and wants.

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