Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Breathing A Sigh of Relief

I had my follow up appointment for my procedure I had back in December. It is looking really good right now and the Dr. thinks I am one of the lucky one's who see's results in the first month. Normally it takes several months but I have seen results after a week and a half. I am so happy because now I am seeing my blood sugars start to settle back down to a more reliable pattern I am used to. I know this so far seems to me like it really was the best choice for me personally. I am relieved that I had a great Dr. who not only solved my problem but also gave me all my options. I know the choices were not easy but I know my knowledge of medicine really came in handy to help me to decide what I should do. I know I am so thankful that my mom who was a nurse shared with me so much of her knowledge. I know I make the best choices for me because I can read the studies and medical literature and I find this to be very helpful especially related to any issue I have experienced so far.

I know the problem could show up again but at this point I am doubting it will with how fast the change happened. Everything I read said it normally only happens for a small percentage and I feel really lucky because I really was hoping to be one of the few that gets the wanted end results. Even a small change would have made me happy. I know I am hoping for my blood sugars to continue to move back towards what I am used to but I am taking everything one day at a time.

I know I am now seeing my Dexcom staying a flat line across again instead of this up and down I have been seeing for quite a while. I know each day I get back to this I really feel like I am back on track to hopefully keeping myself safer. I know in my mind my last low in December was related to my issue and I know that getting the right Dr. can really be important. My Dr. through the whole process spent time answering my questions and making me feel comfortable.


  1. Yay, so happy to hear the good news!!

    1. Thanks Karen. It is nice to feel like I am back on track again. Funny how another issue can affect your blood sugar so much.