Friday, February 20, 2015

Computer Issues and Blood Sugars

I know yesterday I was going to post a blog as usual but I ran into some major issues. These issues were sadly messing with my blood sugar. I came in as normal and it was a normal morning until I started noticing issues with my email. I have my main inbox and 9 other inbox's I can email from. I have way too many but it seems to work okay. So I noticed that my main box was not sending them emails. So I used my sub email boxes then they stopped sending as well. So I decided I needed to log out then log back in and still same issue. So I next tried restarting my computer several times still same issue. I finally called IT they came but with bad news. During the recent power outage at work had corrupted my profiles for my inboxes. So they had to send my email archived to a new folder which would take over night to get moved then they had to add back on the 9 other inbox's back on. So yesterday my bloods sugars decided to go low around 60 over a several hour period of time and then soared up quickly and stayed there for several hours then crashed out last night.

I know during these time Duchess really saves me a lot of trouble she alerted to all the lows and kept me checking my blood sugars then she warned me really early around 125 that my blood sugar was moving up quickly and my Dexcom had not even caught on yet that it was moving up quickly Then she kept me safe as my blood sugar was dropping quickly as I got home and just got off the bus. I know days like these where stress can cause a combination of things I am beyond thankful to have her here with me. I know the longer I have her the more I also feel I need her around just to give me peace of mind. She really helped me deal with the frustration of dealing with the moving up and down yesterday. Sadly I woke up and I dealt with another bad low of 35 when I first got to work but at least the good part is that I am leaving at 2:45pm from work today. So I just have to hang in there and hope that my blood sugars will settle down soon. I know when I get stressed it seems that the drops are even more drastic and the funny part is that I did not realize how all the computer issues were affecting me personally until I looked at my Dexcom graphs last night.

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