Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What is Inspirational?

I know recently I have been quite frequently what an inspiration I am. I know that is only because I am disabled. I know they are trying to be nice but I struggle with it because I am still the same person as I was before. I do have to work harder now but all Diabetics have to work hard and do things that are not easy. I feel I do have challenged but every person I know has challenges. I know that we all work hard at getting what we need done. I know most people seem to think I don't work a full time job and I am lucky I get out of the house. I know I have heard so many things from the general public which honestly shock me. I do get up everyday and I rarely ever call in sick and in fact I miss less days of work than my healthy co-workers. I find it difficult to be put up on a pedal stool of achievement when I have never done anything spectacular. I do educate people on service dogs and I do blog but at the end of the day that just makes me normal in my mind.

I know I watched a Ted talk called "I'm not  your inspiration, thank you very much" I have posted the link below about the talk with Stella Young. I know I work hard to do the best I can but I am not sure I am thrilled with being used as a person inspiration that carries a pretty heavy weight to it. I wake up each and every day like everyone else I just wish people would understand that I do everything like a normal person but need assistance in only part of my life. I do wish people would see that I can do everything everyone else can as well except feel low or high blood sugars. I really just want to see people with disabilities as capable of a great deal of things instead of thinking I get less work or that I get it easy. I know I work very hard and do a wonderful job would be nice if the general public would understand that I do just as much as my coworkers and that I do make a valuable asset to my workplace. I know these days the stigma attached to disabilities is so far off from reality.

I know a great deal of people with disabilities and most people would love to work but the biggest challenge is the misnomers about disabilities that keeps most people from working. It is sad because they could be making contributions but sadly are held hostage by lack of knowledge. I know I really want to be considered a normal person and given credit for working hard to keep my life that way. I know I like to say I am an inspiration but I feel like I do everything normally. So I would like to give credit to the true inspirational people I know.

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