Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Odd Morning

I know most days I get to work I test my blood sugar and bolus for my breakfast. I always have coffee which does mess with my blood sugar slightly so I bolus for that. Just as my coworker was making the coffee that I just bolused for the lights flash all of a sudden. Then the room goes black. So the power went out and I was worried since I had sent insulin for things I had not consumed. I always prebolus because I do not get a large rise in my blood sugars by doing so. I just did not expect the power to go out. I thankfully decided since the power was out for the whole campus that I should go get some coffee. I am caffeine addict and I get sever headaches for not consuming caffeine in some for or another. I knew if I could find an open place by campus I could get some warm coffee. We had a cold front come through yesterday so it was a brisk 35 degrees outside. It was strange to go with my Manager, Supervisor and coworker to get coffee but good in a great deal of ways.

So I learned a lesson to wait till the coffee is actually made for bolusing it next time but I will not stop prebolusing because it works for me. It has been a really odd morning. I found out the power outage was caused by a construction crew on campus. Thankfully after two hours it was back on. I know I was glad I had Duchess in her sweater it was a very cold walk to get coffee this morning. I know Duchess was on duty this morning monitoring my blood sugar. I did not go low so over all it ended up just fine and I have granola bars in my desk just in case as well. So today is a really off day so far but thankfully Duchess was here to help even in the dark. I am really hoping that they keep down the construction errors so we have power to do our work.

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