Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Water and Sites

I know recently I have been battling issues with my sites. I am going back to using Hydro cortisone cream several days before I move to a new site and benadryl the day I put new site on. Evey time I shower the Dexcom and the pump sites tend to have issues. I know I have to change my pump sites every time after it gets wet for some reason. I do currently use IV3000 then put the pump site on top of the dressing. So I am not sure why even using dressings I am having issues. I know most of the now I am taking the sensor out after I shower and drying them off and I am getting less questions marks the interesting part is I am still getting ??? marks even with drying the site off and the sensor. So I am back to trying new products or ways to avoid getting either of them wet which could be challenging. 

I know I will be using the cream then benadryl before I use the new sites when necessary. Hoping that I can get my skin issues back under control. I have been able to not use either product for almost a year without issues until now. I guess I was pushing it by hoping that my skin issues were getting better. I know I have learned that skin issues can get slightly better but I should continue to use them because they will show back up again. Honestly it has been nice to not have to do all the extra steps when applying the Dexcom or my pump sites. I am hoping that I can get back to at least two days out of my pump sites again because honestly I am not made of money.

If the using of my old methods of dealing with the skin issued does not work I will have to contact my representative from Dexcom and Animas but I am going to contact my pharmacy that fill my Dexcom sensors they tend to send me samples of products I can use for skin issues. Hoping I find some thing to get rid of the skin issues again.


  1. I usually tape over my dexcom when I shower and try to avoid getting it wet. And when there's steam I find that it usually makes its way in between the transmitter and sensor eventually which typically brings the ??? So I just try to keep it as dey as possible. I have also had some success with popping out the transmitter, drying it and ten popping it back in (not medical advice ;)

  2. Thanks Maria I am going to give it a try. I have around the Dexcom covered but not sensor.

  3. Hello, I am in the process of acquiring a service dog for medical alert and mobility service due to having severe refractory Crohn's Disease with Arthritis and Peritheal Neuropathy.

    I have a pernament stoma site that I can not allow to get wet when showering due to immunosuppression and ppg complications. I wear a "stoma shower guard" that projects the site. It is a clear latex free plastic apron that covers the area and allows me to shower freely. It might provide another solution if taping doesn't work. When I am cleared to participate in RA water aerobics classes in the spring I will be using Nexcare Absolute Waterproof Tape, pink in color to be in the pool. Just encase the tape you are using is not working well. The area I have right now is large enough that it is most cost effective to use the apron then taping a large area.

    Thanks for sharing your journey with us. By March I will have my blog started on WordPress and staring to share my journey. I will be getting my puppy to be trained and grow up with me early summer. What a great opportunity for us to have a service dog,

    1. Janelle I was worried about using tape because after a while I will develop issues with the tape. So it is only a temporary solution at best. Thank you for the advice about the stoma shower guard I knew there had to be something out there and probably a better solution for me. I wish you the best of luck with your new partnership with your puppy. It is a great adventure and will defiantly change your life. I know I don't know what I would do without my service dog.