Friday, February 27, 2015

Looking At All the Pieces

I know recently I have decided to spend more time evaluating how I deal with stress, foods, and other items that tend to affect my blood sugar. I am going to keep a log for the day where I recap what happened that day such as cold weather, stressful situations at work like computer issues etc. So I can see what I might be missing or if there is a pattern to better help me avoid bad lows or highs. I do not have a great deal of highs on my Dexcom most of the time but I know when I do I like to figure out why. I know for example I get a large spike in blood sugar with cereal and then a very dramatic fast moving drop when I eat cereal even when I use a combo bolus I tend to still drop dramatically. The interesting part is that if I have granola I don't have the same issue.  I am also using my Dexcom graphs pictures and add them for the day to review the events for the day. I am going to try to do this at least a week or two a month.

I know I do review my data but I think this might help me to make even better changes in not only what I eat but also a more effective basal rate changes as well. I know with all my low every time I am am able to reduce the lows I feel so much better and it also makes for a much better day all around. So I am hoping to continually reduce lows and highs but also keep myself away from the bad lows I have seen in the past if at all possible. I know most Diabetics do not always use all the data they have access to. I know I have been guilty in the past as well. I do not plan on logging every number I have but to look at graphs at the trouble spots and see what options I could try next time and maybe which foods I should generally try to avoid or eat less often. I know so far looking at what I am eating has helped me tremendously and hoping that looking at all aspects will help as well.

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