Monday, March 2, 2015

Waiting to Test

I know I try my best once Duchess alerts to test right away. This morning for example is I was on the bus on the way to work I catch a second bus once downtown. The bus was pulling up to the corner just as Duchess alerts. I gave her a treat and then once I got onto the second bus I finally tested. I know recently it seems her alerts are right when I am transition to my next bus and when I have to run to catch the second bus. I know none of things can be controlled and sometimes when she alerts I have some time before I need to treat or I need to watch carefully over the next hour or so. I know that most of the time my blood sugar is heading down. I have made adjustments to reduce lows at that time and most of the time I am in normal range. The difficult part is making sure Duchess understands that I am responding as quickly as possible and that I am not ignoring her alerts.

Duchess is incredibly sensitive if she thinks you are ignoring her she can decide to delay alerts or not alert at all technically so I know I must be careful how I respond especially in situations like this morning. She seemed okay with me rewarding her and then checking. Keep in mind it was less than 6 minutes but I also know if it was really low that could be bad for me as well. I was with a person that works in my building so I know I was going to make it to work just fine. Sometimes I find it can be difficult when you are waiting to catch a bus because that seems to Duchess like the best time to alert to a low. If I know there is enough time I will test otherwise I end up waiting. I do work with Duchess regularly but I know from experience waiting too long will end up with consequences for me to deal with so I am hoping that I can keep her feeling like I am responding when I am just trying to get to a place where I can test and where I have enough time.

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