Friday, March 6, 2015

Time Change and Blood Sugars

I know I wanted to remind everyone the clocks spring forward an hour on Sunday. So is not time to change the clocks forward again on all our medical devices. I know during this time of year some of us are going to be having more lows if we are not getting the amount of sleep we are used to. I know I had a great deal of issues when the clocks went back this past November with lows even with the extra sleep. I know going to work when its dark and coming home in the dark does seem to affect us as well. I am hoping that I am able to adjust quickly to the time change because last time I delt with an increase of lows from the time change. I know during time changes the lows in particular increase during the night for me personally.

So I have planned basal rates changes for during the time change and hopefully I will be back to my regular basal rates soon after the change. I am hoping trying to be a little more prepared will help me this time but sadly with my recent unexpected increase in lows it might not help. So I am planning to try and keep my weekend as stress free as possible so that when I do start next week that I am ready for the time change but you can only do so much to prepare such events. I know I wish we did not have the time change because it really causes havoc on my blood sugars regardless of moving forward or back.

I know I feel bad mostly for poor Duchess who has been working very hard this week and probably for the next couple weeks if the time change does the same thing again. I know I figured out how to better avoid bad morning lows but this one always seems to be much harder to predict how it will affect me. I know some times it really causes issues and other times it can not change.

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