Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Speed Bumps

I know normally I would be having a more smooth day but I just finished a two hour period of low that would not come above 58 for two hours and I did do some work but I am really now behind two hours at work. I knew that the time change would have some affects on my blood sugar but I had not idea it would be so difficult today. The interesting part is that I slept more last night than the night before yet yesterday my blood sugars overall were not too bad. So sadly today I did the best I can so far I have eaten a breakfast burrito, 2 kind gluten free bars, Vans granola bar and 5 fruit Slices all this morning and that is a great deal of carbohydrates but it finally brought my blood sugar back up to normal.

I know yesterday I was doing great got home and was getting ready for the gym. I ate real quick and looked down at my Dexcom it went from 110 to 96. So in desperation to be able to work out I ate 3 cookies and more shot bloks to get my blood sugar up to work out. I thankfully did get it up to 120 and worked out. I did get down to 75 but for me it could have been much lower. So I am hoping for the crazy lows to calm down soon but I have a feeling this actually might be relating back to my other issue that I had a procedure done for earlier this year. I am not going to complain because the procedure has really given me much better blood sugars in my life again except for these days I call speed bumps. I know my life with Hypoglycemia Unawareness will never not have speed bumps but thankfully I don't have them as much as I used to.


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    1. Thank you Maria. I am hoping to settles down soon.

  2. Unfortunately the speed bumps never seem to completely go away, but you're doing a good job keeping things somewhat reasonable. Glad that the low finally resolved, but sorry you had to eat so much food to fix it.

    1. They never do stop but at least is not frequently. I have to say my stomach is not happy with me now but normal blood sugar is good at this point.

  3. I hope the bumps smooth out soon!!