Monday, March 30, 2015

My Skydiving Experience

I have an item to check off my bucket list as of yesterday. I finally was able to go Skydiving. I am struggling to put into words my experience. The interesting thing for me is how excited I was to jump out of a plane. I was honestly never nervous during the Sky Dive in fact the only issue I had is the wind was pretty rough I had trouble trying to step out onto the step so I could jump. I was finally able to get my foot in place and then leaned my head back into the Jarrod the Tandem person I was jumping with. Then we were jumping. I thought I would be nervous during the flight up but I was completely chill and could not stop smiling. I know you should be nervous but I really just felt so alive. Adrenaline does some weird stuff to people but I have been hooked by it in the past and this time was no different. I know it was even more fun because the instructor was hot and had a really nice accent too. I jumped with Lone Star Parachute in Luling Texas.

I know I did a great deal of preparation in advance to as what I was going to eat and that I was bringing food with me to snack on. My experience went from 12:30-6:45 when my jump was done. So plan on being their a while if the jump location is smaller. I dressed for the weather I had short sleeves next time I would wear shorts but most likely capri's. I also know that I was trying to protect my gear I had forgotten my spi belt for the jump at home so my girlfriend rigged my pump to my belt and I wore a jump suit to make sure I did not lose it or my Dexcom transmitter either.

 So I did tape it down really well before I jumped as well. Yesterday was really windy as the day went on so when you jump is was so much force it was almost disorienting because I was trying to take everything in. Sadly my Dexcom suffered a tragedy it died right after landing. So I am not sure If I can jump with my Dexcom on or not. I have a feeling that the force from the jump is too much but worth a shot. The interesting thing is it did work for about and hour then said sensor failed. So I learned some things about jumping. I also had to reprime my pump after the jump. I am not sure why but Animas is know for having that issue.

I did overall wonderful I ate a snack 50 minutes before my skydive and then I had fruit slice right when I boarded the plane to make sure I  did not go low. I know my Dexcom showed I was 119 so I thought better to be safe. I ended up post jump around 163 and stayed there from the adrenalin rush for an hour or two. I know next time I will do a temp basal right once I land for several hours to get my blood sugars back to normal. A temp basal works for me and I found that Hypoglycemia Unwareness did not stop and most likely won't I just need to prepare carefully before

I am getting ready today to book my next sky diving experience soon. I will be able to pull the cord for the parachute next time which sounds interesting. I also know that I have not felt this alive in quite some time. So I do plan on doing more fun adventures such as zip-lining next. After that I guess we will see. That is the great part of bucket lists is that you can continually add things on. I know I am addicted after one jump and I know that I will probably jump again. Who knows maybe I will get my AFF which would allow me to jump solo. I know I am still feeling a high after all the excitement this morning telling my coworkers about my adventures. I do know my blood sugars are running higher today but it is still worth it. I will never forget my adventure of yesterday.

My best friend Jenn and me. Best friends since we were 12 years old.


  1. Wow!!!! I am so impressed and so proud of you!!! (Sorry about the Dex though - but so glad you had such a great experience otherwise.)

    1. Thank you Karen. It was just incredible and I am going to jump again soon. I am hooked on it. I was so happy I found a way to make it as safe as possible before I jumped. I know my working out has really made me think hours in advance what I need to be doing so I can do what I want to. I am sure the force of the jump is what killed the sensor. I know next time I am going to remove the transmitter before I jump to see if that will help.