Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Weird Discussion

I know certain Dr. appointments make me really anxious not matter if I know things are going well. For me that is usually when I go to see my Retina Specialist. I know my eyes have been thankfully really have been cooperating and seem to be getting better. I still have 20/20 vision except at night where I am not blind as a bat. I used to see okay at night but all the laser procedures really have affected my night vision. Thankfully I have glasses at night and I can get around if I need to at night.

I know I was discussing my Retinopathy with some friends on the bus ride home last night. Some how injections in eyes came up randomly and I mention that I have had injections in my eyes. One person says it is like you are living in a horror film of sorts. I was giggling but in all seriousness sometimes complications you end up facing some very scary things such as injections in eye or certain procedures that are not pleasant. I know during these moments I just take it as it comes because sadly most of the procedures no matter how painful really did work. So as unpleasant as my experience was with Retinopathy I know that in the grand scheme of things I have had injections that hurt much worse or an infusion set that was ripped out. So I think keeping a good perspective has really kept my sanity during those scary moments.

My friends and I discussed more about Retinopathy and some of the procedures they have and treatments they use. Overall most of them are not too bad but honestly the worst for me has been when they check pressure in your eyes. They device that reads the pressure is when your eye is open and it is right in front of the eye. I hate anything being near to my eye. So that is pure torture compared to the rest. Keep in mind most of the time I have been able to handle the whole Retinopathy pretty well and keeping my Alc down I know has played a part in my Retinopathy being stable for the past couple of years. I know at the end of the day I am proud of myself for a taking a real active part in research my condition and two for facing things that were overwhelming at times.
I know all of us Diabetics are awesome and deal with painful things such as infusion sites, injections, finger sticks and skin issues. We all make it look so easy.

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