Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I Have to Admit

A friend of mine Kelly Kunik wrote a blog recently about insurance coverage. I know I decent coverage but I do have a decent amount out of pocket last year I spent $1483.59 in 2014 on supplies. That amount does not even cover my dental expenses or my Dr. appointments either. That also does not include my dressings, tape, glucose tablets, and skin prep supplies. I have a confession to make I was extremely off financially in 2011 when I took my current job. So affording my supplies was extremely difficult. I learned that I could reuse my infusion sets with the contact detach because I can move the sight around every day or so and the sight would tend to be able to be moved. I know I have had times where I was going through sights several a day when I had the Humalog and skin issues. I still have skin issues that just popped up again so I am going through them much faster now. Even with some recent raises some deductibles went up so I am constantly struggling to keep up with my rising costs.

I feel ashamed that I have to reuse the supplies at times. I do sterilize the needles before I move them and I do try to make it as safe as possible but I really wish my insurance company realized that I don't have a great deal of money to constantly buy all my supplies. To keep up with my need to test constantly and to pay more for the insulin I can actually use. I have issues with Humalog the only insulin that my insurance wants to pay for. I ooze blood out my infusion sets when I use Huamlog so my normal cost of insulin is 40 more every 3 months. I know I can order more boxes of pump supplies but sadly my cost also goes up with how many boxes I order. So I find myself in a spot where I continue at times to reuse my pump supplies because most of my bill continue to rise in cost.


I know days when I do have to reuse my supplies to make it till when I can order it again is frustrating and difficult. I know my insurance company assumes the cost they charge is not that much but on my salary it is actually quite a bit. I have a great deal of Dr. appointments such as 4 times a year for Endocrinologist, 2 times for Retina Specialist, 2 times for my Rheumatologist,  and 3 dentist appointments. I also pay parking at work for these days at 5 dollars a day. So all of this adds up quickly. My insurance also tends to change the coverage every year now they don't cover EMS when  you are not transported to the hospital which is a $150.00 fee plus 20 percent of the cost of the ambulance ride.  So it sadly will now cost in the hundreds of dollar range for a bad low. Each year they cover less and less. So I struggle with how to reduce my lows but also how to have what I need to avoid these lows. Thankfully my CGM sensors keep dropping in price the more they realize the benefits of having one.

I know as I look at how to manage my Diabetes I feel trapped in a constant funnel of money running out of my pocket every month. I know at one point my insurance used to be so much better and I was not spending nearly as much but each year it cost me more. Sadly my wages do not go up each year regardless of how hard I work so it can feel really defeating at times. So I do the best with what I have. Keep in mind I am thankful for what I do have and I know I am truly blessed for that I am able to have an insulin pump, CGM and Diabetic Alert dog. 


  1. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with all of this, Tarra. Life with T1 is hard enough without having to struggle to pay for needed supplies, medications, and Dr. visits.

    1. When I started with the State 6 years ago things with health insurance were covered well. Sadly things are cut each year with the State so I think the insurance will only continue to get worse.