Thursday, March 12, 2015

When the Excitment Wanes

I know recently with my being so overly focused on lows I tend to over look things at times. I have noticed recently that Duchess has lost some of her enthusiasm for working to an extent. So I am now working on making sure that I make her rewards for lows and making sure I am enthusiastic response to her alerts as well. Duchess is much the same as me in that after a while we all can lose our drive at times and Diabetic alert dogs do as well. I know during these time I need to make things more challenging or try to amp up my responsiveness to her alerts. I know when I do amp things up in the past we were able to get her back to her extremely enthusiastic alert dog that she is.

I know at times I do the wrong thing and do not respond as quickly as I should or I am grumpy because I am low and mad I have to deal with it. I know all these actions can affect Duchess so I am always trying to keep myself in line to keep Duchess alerting. I know the longer I have had her the more I have learned about forgiving myself for making these mistakes and trying to come up with feasible solutions to these issues.

I know that the longer we are together we can also both develop bad habits. I know I always try to test right away and to make sure she knows that yes her alerts are important and are being addressed. The fastest way to get a dog who does not alert is ignoring them because they will only try for so long before they will give up. So thankfully I have never had her stop alerting because of not responding which is great. I know each day I am with her Duchess seems to point out things to me I would have missed previously. Hoping things will get back to the normal soon.

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