Friday, March 13, 2015

A Call For Help

I was at a movie night recently with friends and some new people I had not meet previously. I was asked by a mother of a Type 1 Diabetic what she could do for her 23 year old daughter who had been in the hospital emergency room 5 times so far this year. Each year her control is getting worse. I know I recommended that she try to connect with other through our community. I offered to speak with her but I have a feeling that she really needs to speak with someone who is a great athlete or musician or someone who is well known and achieved great things. I have a feeling that those individuals could make a difference in speaking with her verses me as a person with complications who to that individual would probably say to themselves that will never be me or the chances are slim that could happen.

I have achieved so much the past couple of years but I do not find myself to be that inspirational or inspiring as some others I have met in the Diabetic community. So I know as an advocate I am not sure I am really going to be much help to this young woman but I am going to do my best to help if she does contact me. I know I have a great deal of knowledge to share if she is willing to listen but being where she currently is I questions how much I will be able to help. I know as an advocate I always try my best but at times like this I feel overwhelmed that I won't be helpful for that person. I know that it can be tough for us all regardless if we are trying or not trying. I think anyone can get them to places where things are out of control and it just becomes easier to ignore it. I know we all will face challenges as Diabetics but I know this request feels a little daunting.


  1. I disagree!!!! I think speaking to a normal person with diabetes (not an athlete or celebrity) would be the best thing for her. I think it would help her to know she isn't alone and she will be okay. You are a great advocate and a great example and you aren't giving yourself the credit you deserve. I hope talking to you helps her!!

  2. Thanks Karen. I have offered to meet with her. From what I know she sounds depressed so hopefully I can encourage her to get help. I am hoping I can make a difference.