Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Not Letting It Stop Me

 I know my goal for myself personally has always been to do things I want to do and not let Diabetes stop me. I know that stopped for a while after I got Hypoglycemia Unawareness. I remember the fear I had even to leave my own home and go shopping etc. I have come so far since I got Duchess, CGM and insulin pump. I also know I would not be where I am today without pushing myself to keep going when things were difficult. Even after my diagnosis I never gave up but I knew I needed to find a way to not live in fear.

I know Duchess has been my lifeline for the past several years. I know I would not have made it as far as I have without her. She gave me the peace of mind I needed to continue to take on challenges. Even though I still have lows occasionally while work out I know that will happen. So I know with my recent skydiving I knew I would be okay even if Duchess was at home. I did have to test really frequently and my friend watched me carefully but I still was able to accomplish my goal of being able to sky dive.

I have a great deal of adventures I want to go on and I know I can do them but with some adjustments. I know life has thrown a great deal of challenges at me and I am finding that most of them I just have to figure a way around them. I know sky diving has given me a real feeling of appreciation for what tools I have and also my friendship with Duchess.

I know when I had to leave her at home it was difficult because she is a huge part of my life. It was strange not to have her with me but I appreciated the friendship I have with her. I did really miss her that day even with all the excitement because she has been with me through some really great and very scary times. I depend upon her more than I realize at times. Sky diving has given me back some of my zest for life I was feeling like things were in a rut so getting out and experiencing something new was just what I needed. I already bought my next tandem jump. I am hoping to jump in the next two months if the weather permits.

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