Thursday, March 26, 2015

Why Too Much of A Good Thing Can Be Bad

I had a discussion with a friend who also is a Type 1 Diabetic. I know they do have a history of depression like me as well. I know we are both adrenaline junkies and both love to test our selves in that manner. I love to push myself to overcome fears because I have found I grow a great deal when I do push myself. My friend has decided to take their adrenaline rushes to another level now. They are training to be able to sky dive unaccompanied and they just finished. I support that but now they want to base jump and other far more dangerous activities.

The part I struggle with as their friend is that they say taking these extreme risks makes them feel better about life in general. They don't want to die from anything related to Diabetes but instead an accident from base jumping etc. They feel that is more respectful way of dying verses it being related to Diabetes. I understand they will always be judged if we do die from Diabetes related complications. Our society regardless of type will always view us as failures because they don't understand. I know I go into each appointment waiting for the judgements to show up and affect me as the patient. I know me and my friend both have complications so in some ways I get how much the stigma does hurt and that we both will be judged by others when the time comes. Sadly most people will not understand that yes we tried but we all will not be as successful as others.

I have meet several people who did not take care of themselves and did not test for ten years but had no complications. Then other people who did what they were supposed to but end up with complications. I am very aware there is not guarantees in life. So I know just doing my best is all I can do. I do support my friends having an adventurous life but I think my friend is using it as an excuse to not manage their condition. I know life would be easier without Diabetes but my friend tends to view the condition as an obstacle instead of viewing it as road bumps like I do.

I am not sure why they view the world they do but I have a feeling that they were depressed they found some relief in getting an adrenaline rush and decided that is the way to live life. I am not sure what to tell my friend but I guess we will agree to disagree for now. I still think they are taking the things to the extreme. My friend tells me constantly they do not see themselves as being able to grow old. They tell me growing old is not for them. I think age they are now seeing changes in their body and tell me constantly I will be aging much quicker than my friends but the truth is that my family ages quite well.  So I find it to be silly to be so concerned about little things such as that. I do spend a great deal of time managing my condition but they seem to be only managing their condition to keep up the ability to get adrenaline rush. I do not know what to say to my friend but it does make me worry.


  1. humans are a bit whack....
    with or without physical challenges humans just choose different paths...there are also perfectly normal people that decide vegging out daily in a drugged state (thereby AVOIDING living) is the way to go... cannot figure humans out

    1. I could not agree more. I know I was so puzzled by the conversation in the first place. We all can do some very random things.