Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lows and More Lows

I normally do well with exercise but yesterday I went the gym and I test before I start working out it was 95 which is lower than I like so I eat some fruit slices and I wait a bit then I start to work out. Duchess was all over the place would not stop moving around because my blood sugar kept dropping. I was even using my shot bloks which I swear by as being a huge help to me. I even was using temp basals before I got to the gym but I still continued to drop. I tried to exercise at a slower pace and not do as vigorious exercise but all my body wanted to do is be low. I know it took me about an hour after being low to get things to go back up to normal. I was so frustrated because I was rushing around just trying to get to the gym at the normal time I do.

I know then I get there and there is very few machines available. The worst part is that during these frequent lows I was having people kept trying to pet Duchess. Thankfully Duchess knew she needed to focus on me. I really wish people understood when I am working out I am really prone to large drops and my Dexcom will not catch them till its too late. So during those times I really depend upon Duchess to alert me as soon as possible of these drops. I know people think they are not doing anything wrong by distracting her but they could cause me a really bad low by doing so especially yesterday with my blood sugars dropping dramatically. I know since I was just getting back to my routine I did not want to go home and not work out. I find that if I can at least try to finish my workout I normally do pretty well.

Overall even with fighting the lows I really felt better having worked out. I know I am taking in more carbohydrates before I workout tonight. I am hoping that I will get back to less lows during working out but I also know that my recent procedure also could be causing havoc on my blood sugars still. I know after my procedure lows have been an issue which my PA at my Endocrinologist predicted as much. So I am hoping to find just the right temp basal the issues is knowing how long I will need to deal with temp basals to fight off lows. Thankfully I have had less lows at night after recent changes which is awesome. I am just taking things one step at a time.

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