Monday, December 29, 2014

The Struggle with Getting Family to Understand.

I know my vacation has been some what stressful. I know my recent low made me realize how little my family knows. My sister said I needed a new insulin pump because I had a low. She thought my pump turns off when low or would be able to stop it some how. I know the idea of the artificial pancreas is great but sadly it's not here yet. I know I told them when I got my Animals Ping it allowed me more freedom and had temp basals etc. So I was so surprised by my sister's comments. I also realized that my father has no real understanding of my CGM. They even with explanation seemed to not really understand all the benefits of the devices. My family seemed to not understand a big part of my life. I know they most likely never will.

So as I prepare for my trip home tomorrow. I am very thankful for the DOC because you understand in ways that my family never will. I am also thankful that I live further away from my family so I can find the space I need to handle my Diabetes. I have handled everything by myself for a long time. I know I wish they could be a little more understanding. I think they believe that after 34 years these lows should not happen.

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