Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I Saw Myself in the Article

I know I read an article yesterday that made my cry. I know sadly I saw myself in the article except I was a teenage is the only difference. I know I was probably depressed for around 4 years before my parents even noticed. I know have dealt with depression through most of my time as a Diabetic. When I was a young child with Diabetes through the year I was never once asked about I was doing emotionally with handling my chronic condition which makes so sad that no one cared enough for me as the patient to even check. I did see some really knowledgeable physicians but they were really terrible about getting what it must be like to be the patient instead I got you are a bad person because your A1c was not where they wanted it to be. Thankfully today the Endocrinologist are at least starting to understand that they can't ignore the elephant in the room because the elephant can make things even more difficult to manage.

I have spent more time dealing with depression as I have gotten complications but I know that is not because my Endocrinologist does not address the issues. in fact I am beyond blessed because they always ask me how I am doing and if I feel like things are getting to be too much. They always try to find ways to help me find balance with my chronic illness. I know that I will always deal with burn out and depression but I also know that if I have a plan of action in place I can still continue to manage my Diabetes while dealing with elephant in the room. I know it can be so difficult to deal with as a child and I know that for a parent it would be incredibly difficult. I know at 18 I finally was treated for my depression and I had to go to counseling and take antidepressants. I know I still use some of the advice I received in counseling back then today.

I know dealing with any illness can affect so much of any one's life. I know dealing with my depression was difficult and not only affect me but also my family. I know it was difficult for my parents to deal with but I am glad we talked about it openly as well. I am very aware that some antidepressants can affect young children in a negative way as well. So getting on the proper medication would essential to getting the proper treatment. There is so much to finding a good balance when having Diabetes and finding what you need to be happy at times can be the most challenging. I know my heart breaks reading the story and I know I relate the child in the story more that I like to admit. I know that mental illness have always had this blame mentality attached to it when there really should be no blame.


  1. That's a great article over at A Sweet Life. I feel the same as you, as far as having past people make me feel not good enough. That emotional and psychosocial support is so important, and it hasn't really been addressed and more commonly embraced by the medical community until recently. It's great to see that happening. Hopefully more of that judgement will be phased out, over time. Hope you are doing OK, despite the complications. I've gone through some of that myself, and always have an open invite to connect off-line if you need it! Thanks for sharing this, Tarra.

    1. The post was a real difficult read and I know it was hard to think of the time when I was depressed and judged. Thankfully were on a better path these days. I know I wish the DOC was around back then because we all would have been better off. Thanks Mike for the offer to connect off line always nice to have people to chat with when things get tough. Feel free to contact me as well.

  2. I haven't read the A Sweet Life article yet, but will be sure to do so. I think you're right, Tarra, we are starting to see the emotional side of things be talked about much more openly and often today, which is a real blessing.

    I too struggle to keep my head on straight with everything, and in fact, I think it's pretty common. It's still an underserved area in diabetes care. But people like you and Mike talking about it are helping to turn the tide.

    Thank you!