Friday, December 5, 2014

Creating Emergency Plans for Work

I am back to working on my emergency plan for work which I have been working on and on for a while. There was one created by some one else but I found it to give too much of my personal information away and also asked people to do things they would not normally ask of them. Thankfully I am working on a version of my emergency plan for work that I am comfortable with currently.  Making an emergency plan that is easy to read during an emergency can be a little difficult. I did provide pictures of my pump, and Dexcom in case EMS asks what they are. They usually can tell what the Insulin pump is but the Dexcom seems to be the one they are unfamiliar with. I am really trying to make the form as simple as possible so I don't overwhelm people who might be trying to help me.

I know this process of creating the forms can be very difficult because everyone wants the instructions this way or that way which makes it difficult for me to create what will work for everyone. So at this point I gave up and I am trying to do it in the best way I can. I know people learn things differently so I have pictures when possible for people who learn by seeing and written instruction when they prefer written instructions.

I know updating the instructions as this time is difficult because I think I should be getting my Animas Vibe in January right after the training. So I will need to update the instructions I just finished. Thankfully I will not get another pump until June of 2016. So I won't have to update the sheet after I get my new pump. I like to identify the pump so they know if EMS asks questions. I know it probably makes things easier as well if they know what an item is. I know most people at work do not seem to notice my pump much. So showing pictures can be helpful.


  1. That's a really good idea, Tarra! Thanks for sharing a little about it. I really like the thought of using pictures to explain and describe. That will probably help save time when it's needed - during an emergency.

    1. I created a previous emergency plan but did not use as many pictures. This time I know have pictures of my pump sites, Dexcom sites and both devices. I think any information they can share with EMS is helpful. Plus it helps them if they forget they can look it up by the pictures as well. It is hard to know how people will handle emergencies so I am trying my best to create something that helps.