Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Getitng Ready to Go

I was putting the last couple of items in my suit case this morning. Duchess knew we were going some where when I got out my suitcase. She has been watching me even though I have never left here and flown without here but she has been on high alert watching me everyday start to get things organized and set up to leave. I normally get so stressed trying to have everything done before I leave but this time because I am getting over a cold I decided to take it as I get what I get done. That way I am not stressed. I know I sleep better last night because I was not stressed out about making my flight and getting things done. I know this year has been so much better than the past two for lows. I also have seen the number of lows drop at night this week so the changes I have been making seem to be helping. I am worried about waking up my dad at night because of my loud Dexcom. I normally leave it on vibrate but it is below 55 it can be so loud.

I guess it can be a good reminder that I do have more lows and that it is just a part of my life these days. I have been able to reduce the number dramatically from what it used to be. I know Duchess and my Dexcom have all helped me to make the proper adjustments as necessary. I am so happy that I have so far been able to make my December a little easier. I never was late for work because of a bad morning low. So I am making progress one day at a time. I know with continued work I will figure things out. I am thankful for all that I have been able to handle. I know figuring out to have less lows while working out was the most difficult but I am so thankful I did. I know my exercise during these past couple of months have really helped me to stay safer in a great deal of ways.

I know I can't wait to leave for my trip home. It will be great to see my family and just have some time to relax. I know I have to do a great deal of shopping when I get in but I am sure that will be fine. I know I am looking forward to hanging out with my very energetic nephew. He always says the cutest things. I have been really looking forward to my trip and its finally here.

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