Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Animas Vibe

I have been waiting anxiously for the Animas Vibe to finally be approved and it finally has been. I know when I bought the Animas One Touch Ping I purchased it because I had heard about the Dexcom was going to be intergrated with the Animas product and decided I liked the idea I could upgrade when the Animas Vibe came out. I was told the upgrade total would be 99.00 dollars which is pretty reasonable. So I called in yesterday to order the Animas Vibe I was so excited that I can get the intergrated system that actually has the more reliable Dexcom Sensor. I have tried Medtronics in the past and ended up only using the pump feature because the system was terrible. I am sure there has been improvements but not enough for me to change.

I have not upgraded under the ezAcess Pump Upgrade program with Animas before. I just bought my Animas One Touch Ping in 2012. The program works that the cost is 799.00 but there is the option for a rebate when you send in your old Animas Ping for $700.00. The final cost after rebate will be $99.00 dollars plus tax. The bad part is that you need to have $799.00 on your card Available for the full purchase price. Then once they receive you Animas Ping they will then process your rebate. Rebate takes from 4-6 weeks according to the forms I was filling out.

Below is from the Animas Website about upgrading but it does not list the Animas Vibe option just yet. I know I was told my Animas Vibe will ship out in January. I know I can't wait till I get my new pump seems like it took forever to get the integrated version.

Our ezAccess Upgrade Program makes it possible for current Animas pumpers to experience our latest pumping technology. Interested in upgrading to a OneTouch® Ping glucose management system? See upgrade details or call us at 1-877-937-7867, option 3.
Animas Insulin Pump Upgrade Details
The date of the original purchase of your Animas® insulin pump will determine the cost of a OneTouch Ping system:
Purchased less than 12 months: $399.00
12 to 23 months from original purchase date: $599.00
24 to 35 months from original purchase date: $799.00
36 to 47 months from original purchase date: $999.00
The above insulin pump upgrade details are effective November 2008; pricing, terms and conditions for the Animas® ezAccess Upgrade Program are subject to change, at any time, without notice.
Terms and Conditions for ezAccess Upgrade Program:
Billing: Once your new OneTouch Ping ships, your credit card will be billed.
Warranty: The remaining warranty on your current Animas pump will apply to your new OneTouch Ping.
Insurance: This is not a reimbursable program and Animas Corporation is not able to bill insurance for the ezAccess Upgrade Program.
Trade In: You are required to return your current Animas insulin pump within 30 days of receipt of your new OneTouch Ping to:
Animas Corporation
200 Lawrence Drive
West Chester, PA 19380.

A postage paid envelope with delivery confirmation will be provided. If you do not return your old Animas insulin pump, you will be billed for the full amount of the new OneTouch Ping glucose management system.
Exclusions: The ezAccess Upgrade Program is not a covered benefit under the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Patients covered by Medicare and Medicaid are not eligible for this program. November 2008; pricing, terms and conditions for the Animas® ezAccess Upgrade Program are subject to change, at any time, without notice.

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