Monday, December 1, 2014

Goals for This Month

My goal this December is too keep my life as stress free as possible even with all the recent changes at work. I know so far I have been able to feel less stressed by having all my shopping list done already and shipping items home for Christmas so it will be there when I arrive. I am trying to carry very little with me on the plane and to avoid any issues if possible. The past two years I had great issue with bad lows during the beginning of December but I know with working out I feel like I am helping to keep my stress down and I also have a budget as well. Since I have taken the time to create lists of what I want to purchase and the amount I am looking to spend I feel like I am doing quite well. I also am getting as much done before I have to fly instead of last minute the night before I leave if I can stay as relaxed a possible I know this will help me navigate a fun but challenging time of year. I also have a plan for all basal changes as well last year I dropped 6-8 units off my normal basal rate so I am expecting to need to drop it another couple of units in the next two weeks.

I think I feel more confident because I have a plan of action and I also know that keeping my stress down will really make my holiday a little easier. I know I already finished shopping for my best friend Duchess I love spoiling her and she really deserves every bit of extra I can give her. I know with all the upcoming travel I am already getting together all her records I travel with and also all the items Duchess will need for the travel to Seattle for Christmas. It is hard to believe it is already December and I am trying to get it done so quickly. I know if I don't finish my shopping before I leave for Seattle I can finish it there which is nice. I am trying to keep in mind that most things can wait and will be accomplished but not always as quick as I might want. I am looking forward to my vacation but I am also hoping to keep my self as safe as possible as well.


  1. I love making plans as well. Its is so nice knowing what you need to be focusing on and not be kind of everywhere doing everything :)

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    1. It really does help and I find I can also use it to help make plans for the next year and with any necessary changes. It also makes me feel empowered because I have a plan.