Monday, December 8, 2014

Crazy Blood Sugars/ Duchess and Injuries again

I had a busy weekend of a great deal of things I needed to get done. I then started having issues with lows that were lasting for hours. The bad part is that I would eat as little as possible but even with watching how many carbs I still ended up spiking. One was a bad spike to 300 then a quick drop back down to 50. I spend both Saturday and Sunday fighting lows and highs. Then it seems to be starting up again today. The interesting thing is that I did not eat anything that normally would spike my blood sugar and I actually have not idea why the crazy blood sugars. The interesting things is that I was not stressed at all in fact I got more accomplished than I thought I would. The best part is that I am now a little more prepared for my upcoming trip home to Seattle. I know I am really looking forward to the time off to relax and have some fun. I just need more cooperation from my blood sugars but I feel blessed because right now things are much calmer than last December when I was having a great deal of bad lows in the early morning hours.

It seems Duchess might have injured herself sometime this weekend. She is occasionally whining. I am not sure what she did because I did not see when it happened. So I am not sure if she has soft tissue damage to her leg again or if she did something else. I am hoping that if I do end up going to the vets that the process can be taken care of quickly so Duchess is back to her normal self. I depend upon her more than I like to admit and I know that as she ages she is more likely to have injuries like these. It does not help that Duchess thinks she is 6 month old puppy who can do anything.

Hoping my best friend is feeling better her soon. I know I am making her have more down time so she can rest and hopefully heal. It is nice that we are only working a portion of the day I have an ultra sound today and so we will only be working several hours and then leaving for the day. The only good part of that is that Duchess will have more time to rest. I know last night I was trying to keep her on the bed and not allowing her to move around much. I know Duchess does not like to rest but I will make sure she does as little as possible with not play time at work because she can injure herself further. That is her favorite time of the day is when we play. Last time it took two weeks to heal so hoping we can get her back to normal a little quicker this time.


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